"Langweilig" für JAZAM! #7

Huhu :)

An Stelle brav an meiner Bachelorarbeit zu werkeln, habe ich doch noch einen kleinen Comic für das kommende JAZAM! rausgehaun. Ich konnte einfach nicht NICHT dabei sein :O Ich habe alle 7 Seiten in 4 Tagen geschafft und bin wirklich zufrieden mit dem Ding :)

Instead of working on my Bachelor thesis, I did a small comic story for the next issue of JAZAM!. I just couldn't stand the thought of not being a part of it this time :O I did all 7 pages in only 4 days and I'm really proud of it :)

Mein kleiner Hauptcharakter/ My little main character:

Und meine liebsten Panels/ and my favorite panels:

Skizze/ Sketch:


Fertig/ Done:

 Bis bald und bye bye :) Kathi


  1. Total schön geworden und ein gutes Tempo! o.o

  2. Bin schon so gespannt auf JAZAM!

  3. The mouth open look strange. I see teeth and tongue. What's that on the sides of mouth?
    Is the girl wearing mens jacket?
    If you hate typo (you said so once in a blog post) why you draw soundwords by hand?
    I like your manga on Animexx better. Why you change your style to this? It look like you no more can draw. Always show nose from side. You not are Picasso.

  4. @Mina: Dankeschön :)
    @Marii: Ich auch *lach*
    @Anonym: First of all, thanks for your feedback and your opinion. I don't think I am Picasso and over my years of studying, Typography grew on me ;) It's totally OK, if you don't like the drawing stlye I use now. Let's put it like this: I feel much more comfortable with this drawing style then I ever did with Manga. Not, beacuse it's easier to draw (or because I can't draw any more), but because it's so much easier for me to express emotions and to find symbols for what I want to tell with my Comic story.


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