24 small joys!

Hi everyone :D

Yay... Finally December :) I love the time before Christmas. For me, it's full of beautiful things like creating Christmas presents, meeting friends, snow, hot wine and cookies. So if your one of those people who prefer to pass the days in a grumpy mood then you won't like the advent calendar I created for you this year at all ;D

_.;:+*’`'*+:;..;:+*’`'*+:;.  ♥   .;:+*’`'*+:;..;:+*’`'*+:;._

So here is my contribution to the Christmas madness :D

 photo Freude_00_E_zpsc76c6015.png

I will update this blogpost every day so I won't flood the whole blog with advent calendar posts :) You can also read the German version on my Facebook-Page: 24 kleine Freuden!

Let's go :D

December 1st:
 photo Freude_1_E_zps4bad145e.png

December 2nd:
 photo Freude_2_EKopie_zps4ed24dae.png

December 3rd:
 photo Freude_3_EKopie_zpsb0e139e5.png

December 4th:
 photo Freude_4_EKopie_zps40e39897.png

December 5th:
 photo Freude_5_EKopie_zpsa1494609.png

December 6th:
 photo Freude_6_EKopie_zps0025a3e3.png

December 7th:
 photo Freude_7_EKopie_zps78a7f467.png
December 8th:
 photo Freude_8_EKopie_zps5a823cf4.png

December 9th:
 photo Freude_9_EKopie_zps1204259c.png

December 10th:
 photo Freude_10_EKopie_zps5e76a7f6.png

December 11th:
 photo Freude_11_EKopie_zpsb08786c6.png

December 12th:
 photo Freude_12_EKopie_zpse48b3966.png

December 13th:
 photo Freude_13_EKopie_zps87cfc1a3.png

December 14th:
 photo Freude_14_EKopie_zps65bb8632.png

December 15th:
 photo Freude_15_EKopie_zps15927162.png

December 16th:
 photo Freude_16_EKopie_zps2c013d39.png

December 17th:
 photo Freude_17_EKopie_zps9dd6cf91.png

December 18th:
 photo Freude_18_EKopie_zps3c96d2c1.png
December 19th:
 photo Freude_19_EKopie_zps40705d51.png
December 20th:
 photo Freude_20_EKopie_zps7de7ae82.png

December 21st:
 photo Freude_21_EKopie_zps0b1c295c.png

December 22nd:
 photo Freude_22_EKopie_zpsbb319c32.png
December 23rd:
 photo Freude_23_EKopie_zps682464ba.png
December 24th:
 photo Freude_24_EKopie_zpsf7885c48.png
 photo Freude_25_EKopie_zpsd181a244.png

+*’`'*+:;..;:+*’`'*+:;.  ♥   .;:+*’`'*+:;..;:+*’`'*+:;._ 

I hope, you enjoy it and wish you a great Christmas time :D

1 Kommentar:

  1. That is just such a great idea.:)
    Sad that you couldnt take part in the Wacom Tablet competition because the illustrations are really great.

    Best regards, Hannah.


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