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I'm so happy, that I finally found the time to clean my room. I feel so much better now. The last weeks I didn't have time to clean at all but now the whole stress is over and I used my first free afternoon to get all the dust from my furniture and out of my brain ^3^

Here's another illustration I did for illustration class this term. We had to think about a cover motiv for our university's comic project (I also participated in this one, but I can't show you the results yet ;__;). The subject was "too late" (or "time's your enemy").

If you want to know more about this project visit our homepage (sadly it's only in German): http://www.strichnin-comic.de/2/ my Comic is probably going to be part of the third volume :D

I made three suggestions for the cover and this is the first one:

The Clockwork-Man

I did douzends of thumbnails to find some nice ideas for this subject, because I usually tend to choose the first idea I have. I had a lot of funny ideas but my professor decided, that I should realize the clockwork man... which again, was the first idea I had *laughs*

Not sure if this is good, or bad X3

This was the Thumb he chose. He liked the composition a lot although the idea isn't really creative:

(the size of my thumbs is only around 2x4cm)

I did a first pencil drawing:

My prof didn't like it because I changed the composition and the clock's face and the lightening were pretty messy. He also said, that the cog weels are too comic like in contrast to the rest of the drawing.

But he liked this monochrome color test.

I redid the lineart with pencil, but this time I didn't try to draw the clock's face and worked much cleaner X3

I build the face with Illustrator. I know, I'm lazy *laughs* but it looks much better, than everything I 'm probably able to draw.

So here's the final illustration with logo and typography.
I used the pencil drawing as lineart and colored everything with Photoshop CS2. I got the analog look with the help of some textures and brushes :)

Bye bye,

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