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Hi :)

Last week, I scanned some drawings I did here in Finland in my A5 Moleskine book. Nothing special, nothing serious, just a few small drawings I did the last few weeks when I felt like drawing :D

A woman in her traditional Sami clothing :) I drew this one in the museum because we weren't allowed to take photos but I wanted to have a picture of this colorful clothes.

This one was inspired of a legend about the people, who life under the earth. There's a belief here in Lapland, that the people who live there, are the same as we, just that their world is upside down.

This is a drawing of myself being prepared for the chilly temperatures here *laughs*

played a little bit with my drawing style in this one. I drew it some night, when I wasn't able to sleep.

I like this drawing very much. I wanted to create a feeling of being cold and lost but at the same time tried to capture the beauty of the "winter wondeland". Here freckels are form the "big wagon" *lol*

This is still unfinished. Again some kind of selfportrait :)

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  1. sie sind alle so süß. ich liebe das zweite sehr!
    das letzte finde ich so schon sehr schön. vielleicht brauchst du nicht so viel drauf zeichnen:D


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