Merry Christmas

Puh... I know, it's quite late for Christmas wishes *laughs*

I wanted to wait till my Christmas cards arrived at my friends and family's places before I upload it somewhere! I was so afraid, that they will never arrive because of all the weather chaos, they were already a few days late but today I finally got the message, that the first ones found their way :D

I really love writing Christmas cards (and postcards genereally) so I decided, that I should make a bigger project this year :)

First, I want to show you the Christmas illustration, I did for the cards:

Pencil sketch in my Moleskine sketchbook.

Basic colors with pastel chalks.

I did the rest of the coloration with color pencils :)

And the final Christmas card:

I printed it 20 times, they came sadly out quite dark ;_; But I think it is still OK :)
It was quite exhausting to write all 20 postcards by hand during only one day *laughs* but it was very nice to think about all the people I sent the cards to. Friends from Lapland, all my relatives and of course to my friends I left at home in Germany :)

Fancy golden envelopes *laughs*

Not all of them found their way to the people they belong to yet but I really hope they will :D

Merry (belated) Christmas, everyone!


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