Coffee Jam

Hi ;D

wow... and again a post. Like I said, I'm not lazy at the moment :3

JAZAM! is a really great German comic project which already exists for 5 volumes and the 6th one is in the making :) I contributed a short story for the 5th volume and I'm already thinking what I can do for the 6th one (if you're also interested in participating, check their website!).

ADrian (please have a look at his weekly webcomic Hipster vs. Vampires) invited me to participate in a nice little Jam Comic about the great subject "Coffee".
Coffee, my only real addiction? Of course I participate ;)

You can have a lok at the whole page in the JAZAM!-blog: http://jazam.de/blog/
Scroll a little bite :) there are already some other pages from different artists online! And there are going to be more :D

I can't show you the whole thing here but I thought I show you some steps as an appetizer ;)

I first - of course *laughs* - did a pencil drawing. I sadly made a huge mistake, I sketched the whole thing on A3 and then realized, that, if it is going to be printed, it will be in A6. So I had to figure out something to get rid of some of the detail.

I printed the sketch in Cyan on an A4 paper and inked everything. I really regret loosing the nice little details. They made the sketch much more lively.

And the colors :) My boyfriend already told me, that they look really shrill on his monitor. I really should calibrate my labtop, it's not the first time, that this happened :(

That's it for now :) I hope, you like my little story. Some of the characters may be familiar for some of you ;P

Bye bye

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  1. Wah! Ich hatte mir die letzte Jazam aufm Comic Fest in München gekauft, wurde aber von einem Zeichner ziemlich enttäuscht (die anderen Zeichner, soweit ichs mitbekam, auch?! haha). anyway, der ganze Rest war zu 95% ziemlich cool + Unterschreibemenschen auch.

    Ich schau mal, ob ich in Köln irgendwie Zugang dazu finde, wenn du schon mitmachst :3


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