Steampunk Aphrodite

Hey Ho :D

I actually finished this picture even before I left for Scotland but it was just a few hours before I had to leave for my airplane so I didn't have the time to share it yet ;D

Here it is :) I drew this picture for conceptart.org's Character of the Week two weeks ago. I really enjoy participating there because the themes are so original and it's always a great challenge! I hope, I'll find the time to participate once in a while after uni started again next week.

The theme this time was Steampunk Aphrodite!

This was my idea:

My Aphrodite is an talented innovator who modifies hearts to help people to fall in love. Her belt is not magic but there's a third arm hidden in it, which helps her with her work.

Afraid of her beauty, her father married her very young to an ugly and rough blacksmith. The passionate young woman locked her own heart away, that was the only way how she could stay with a man she doesn't love. But it seems that her little Armor helpers found the key!


Blocking the colors:


Almost done:

And the final image:

See you soon :)

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