Digitalartforum Artbattle!

Yes, it's me again ;)

Do you know, what an Artbattle is? The It's like a tournament with digital characters. Every paricipant creates a fighter, then pairs are drawn and now, you have to try to knock out your opponent as creative and funny as possible :D The forum community votes for the better entry and the winner can participate in the next round.

This time, I was finally able to participate in the digitalartforum Artbattle. I already was a visitor there for a couple of times before.

My fighter is:

"Nemo and his Teddy"... *lol* don't ask ;)

First, I did this drawing in my sketchbook:

But then, I decided to overpaint it digitally:
I'm not so sure if I like, how it turned out. The final look doesn't fit my style at all :(

My oponent was appo2.0, a mixture between ape and memory stick *laughs*, created by a user named appomo.

This was my entry for the first round:

and sadly that's it. I didn't have much time for my entry so the idea is not really creative and I had to work fast and sloppy to finish it somehow. Appomo on the other hand, did a really time consuming picture sequence in a great style.

The public voting is not over yet, but it doesn't look good for me :(

If you're interested, you can have a look at appomo's entry here :)
Appo2.o vs. Nemo und sein Teddy

I would have loved to participate for a few more rounds but I'll definitely come back next time with a stronger fighter and more time in my luggage ;D

Bye bye

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