Hey Ho :D

Have you seen the Eurovision Songcontest? What a show *laughs* I really enjoyed to watch it although I have to admit, the whole thing was kinda odd this year O__o

At the moment, I'm so busy with university, it's insane... and there are still two more month to go. I'm not sure yet, how I will surivive *lol* But I have really fun and amazing projects this year so I shouldn't complain ;)

I can't show you the stuff for the big projects yet so this is just another "this&that" post :)

The first thing was something I did while being on the phone :) I found some amazing photos from a session of Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School (some kind of alternative life drawing) in Berlin and took it as the inspiration for this drawing:
I like, how all the fur turned out :O

I drew this little angel during today's lecture:
Isn't he cute? Odd proportions I have to admit...

Actually I did this Illustration for school. But I had to change the idea so I think, I can already show it to you :)
The bathtubes turned out very weird.

And if we already talk about "weird":
First, I did the girl with the bird. A T-Shirt, I saw, inspired me to the monsters...

Hm... this was also just for fun in a lecture. Tried to work with blue outlines and Mori Girl (Japanese fashion trend) like clothing.

And the last one for today:
Last Saturday it was "Free Comic Book Day" here in Germany. We sold the Strichnin-Magazine, in which one of my Comics is printed, in the local library. I did this drawing in one of the sold books :)

Hasta La Vista, Baby ;D


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  1. OMG I agree with you about how bizarre the Eurovision Song Contest was this year... I was extremely entertained though! :D

    I love your illustrations. <3


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