Flyer: A Chosen Few

Puh... no updates for quite a while :) University is trying to drive me insane, I had two deadlines on Monday and two exams today. Tomorrow finally is the oral examination for presentation class :O But till now, I think, I'm doing quite Ok :D I'm much more scared of the deadlines for my bigger projects which will take part in the next two weks :O

I somehow managed to tweek in a little project for my boyfriend some time ago :) He organized a street skate contest in Stuttgart. It happened last weekend. He had a nice idea for an illustrated flyer and asked me to do the illustration for him.

So his idea, my illustration! It was so much fun to do it. Finally something ot so serious *laughs*

Here's the lineart:
 photo AChosenFew_Lineart.jpg
And the coloration:
 photo AChosenFew.jpg

My boyfriend did the layout for the flyer:
 photo AChosenFew.jpg

I would love to do more projects like this :)

Hope to see you soon <3


  1. Aber "Stuttgard"? Ist das Absicht?

  2. Auf dem finalen Flyer steht es richtig ;) den hab ich aber irgendwie nicht abgespeichert gehabt!


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