Animexx.de calendar entry

Hey Ho :)

I'm back from Austria and I have a very Austrian picture in my package ;D

For this year's calendar competition of a German Manga and Anime community (Anmimexx.de), I did my first proper Manga related illustration since months. It was not an easy birth to get back to that style but it was kind of nostalgic :D ~~~ and fun!

Here's the picture:


Funny format, isn't it? The format was one of the reasons why I really wanted to participate in the compitition once again. I used to participate every year with at least three pictures when I was a teenager *laughs*

The characters shown are Aiko and Yuuki, the Mascots of Animexx.

After hiking and biking in the Austrian Alps for a week, I decided let them have lunch in a sunny scene in the Alps. I used the pictures I took as references for the background and the overall mood.

In the end painting the background was even much more fun then drawing the characters :O

You can see a bigger version of the picture here: Animexx
( to get it full size, you just need to click on the picture once more... sorry for that O: )

For the competition, I needed to save WiPs of the drawing (as I don't do that anyway *laghs*).
Here's the first digital step. I scanned the pencil linearts and painted a rough layout for the background. The format was really a challenge!


Color layers for the characters, too:

I started to color the characters. I used a quite simple coloring style because I like pictures with that Anime kind of feeling: Simple colored characters in a painted scenery.

Here I already finished the grass. For the flowers in the foreground I used references! Thanks to a well-known custom Photoshop brush, everything turned out nice and fluffy ;)

The mountain range in the background really exists. It's called "der Wilde Kaiser" (The Wild Emperor). It's really amazingly beautiful. I tried to find a good balance between detail and abstraction.... and I like the water color like look.

For the final picture, I added two more layers in the background and some textures on the characters. I'm really not used to paint landscapes like this, so I was quite nervous before I started, but it turned out quite nice, I think.

See you soon :D

Kiss ^3^


  1. Ha ha du hast die Japaner verpasst :) War lustig. Aber österreich war bestimmt auch schön. Wollen wir Blogs linken? Bzw ich habs schon getan ohne zu fragen :(

  2. Woah :D schöne Arbeit. Du hast also die Figuren traditionell gezeichnet und den Hintergrund digital? Sollte ich auch einmal versuchen :) da ich sowieso das richtige Zeichnen den Grafiktablett vorziehe *g* viel entspannender. Der Hintergrund ist dir wirklich total gut gelungen, fühle mich so richtig in die Alpen versetzt beziehungsweise eher auf ner richtigen Wandertour. Wundervoll lebendig ~

    lg Akai


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