Christmas preparations

Hi :)

Today was a weird day. I have a really sour stomach and spend half of the night in the bathroom hugging the toilet. It's still not really better although I was able to eat something again earlier :) Instead of working I spend the whole day in bed thinking.
I really love this place here. I experience so many things I will never be able to experience again anywhere else. But still, I can't wait to come home at Cristmas and to hug all my beloved!

In less then a month, I will sit in an airplane back home :)

But till then, I will enjoy the winter-wonderland around me and try to collect as many experiences as possible.

I took this picture on the canle brige of Ravaniemi in -19°! The steams comes from the almost completely frozen river because the air is colder then the river itself.
This land is full of wonderful sunrises and sunsets. It was around 13:30 when I took this picture :) The sun is already going down again.

Ok :) That was the blogpost about being sentimantal :)
I hope, you have a good time <3


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