Strichnin #3

Hey :)

yay... finally I can tell you about a big project I participated in. One year ago, I visited the comic workshop project on my univesity. During that workshop, we created short comic stories which were meant to be published in our university's own comic magazine: Strichnin

The release party for Strichnin volume 3, where my comic will be published, will finally happen next Wednesday (30.03.), 5:30 PM , in the building of the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Room K1.01 :D

There will also be an exhibition of original comic drawings and you can have a look at all the suggestions which were made for the cover competition!

Very soon, there will be a webpage with more information:

But I arranged a facebook fanpage, where you can already find a lot of information (sadly only in German) and preview pictures from all the comics :)

For the decoration in the room, where the party will happen, I did this drawing of my main character Helmut :D

 photo Helmut_StrichninA3.jpg
(the drawing is one year old, the coloration from yesterday!)

Maybe see you there :D
bye bye

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