T-Shirt Illustration for Grindhouse

Hey :)Link
Finally a new blogpost, that's not related to my webcomic. <_<°

Maybe you remember this post from July about the flyer illustration I did for the A Chosen Few inline skating contest.

I was pretty lucky to get the chance to redo the illustration for the skate-onlineshop Grindhouse :D I had to simplify it a lot for screenprinting, although I like the original colors a bit more, I'm still very happy with the outcome :3


I already saw the ad for the T-Shirt in the newest Grindhouse catalogue. I never did an commercial T-Shirt illustration before so this is pretty amazing for me *exited* ^3^///


I can't wait to hold one of this shirts in my hands :D sadly they don't produce girl's sizes. I don't know, if there are any boys who read my blog *laughs* :O
Well... here's the link where you could get it: Grindhouse Playground Tee

What do you think about it? O////O

See you soon :D

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