Buttons LOVE

Huhu :)

I'm back with something old(er - not that old actually, a few weeks) :D BUTTONS <3

I totally love buttons, and as we had an exhibition coming and my lovely flatmate Yi (please visit her at http://heydudepp.tumblr.com/) has a button machine, I made some with her help :3!

The fun thing is, every button is an original so I created around 60 different tiny illustrations.

Here they are:


I also made a tiny box to sell them :)

On the picture, you can also see one of the Matrjoschkas I painted :O I still need to post about them ~o~/// I'm so slow :(

But anyway, if you live in or near Augsburg, Germany it would be lovely if you can have a look at the exhibition :) The gallery is right in the City Center:

Galerie Süßkind
Dominikanergasse 9
86150 Augsburg

Öffnungszeiten: Di-Fr 10-18 Uhr, Sa 10-16 Uhr

Our exhibition will close after the 14th of December. I will sell the leftover buttons here in my blog so if you want one, stay tuned <3

Bye bye


  1. Wie süß! Vor allem sind das welche von den guten Buttons, oder? Also die aus Metall? DIe sind sooooo viel besser (und die Maschine ist soooo viel teurer) als meine ollen Plastik-Dinger.

  2. mein favorit ist der kleine Burger :)

  3. in Augsburg?
    maybe I'll drop by :D


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